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Curated Business Service, Tool and Talented People Collection for border-less entrepreneurship

Big Capsules enables entrepreneurs to overcome all kinds of obstacles for the successful cross-border business

successful entrepreneurship relevant to a particular topic and America to Afro-Eurasia area of cross-border business.

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Immigrants, Women, Retired professionals and Entrepreneurs without border




  • Crowdfunding & Explainer Video

    Are you preparing your sales video? Send us your product or idea then we create crowdfunding custom video from concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding to Production, voiceover recording,…

    $9,000.00$9,300.00 Select options
  • Cultural Collision Name Check up Capsule

    Checking up the potential conflict of the name would be the first step of Concept and starting all things. Diagnostics service to make the borderless entrepreneurship.

    $1,300.00$1,600.00 Select options
  • Customer Service | Frontline Support Capsule

    Customers are a tough crowd. It’s hard work to cater for their needs, let alone to make an impression. In this competitive corporate world, you need to wow your…

    From: $1,800.00 / month and a $1,000.00 sign-up fee Select options
  • Web Copy Check Up

    You have an English language website or app, but is it really communicating with your new audience? Wouldn’t you like to have a native-speaker of American English who can…

    $500.00$800.00 Select options

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