All things Big Capsule has done for OpenCreators

All things Big Capsule has done for OpenCreators


We were thrilled to hear from Opencreators, a startup that has endeavored to develop the various printers in the only 3d printing industries. and As the former member of this startup, I’ve traced the full development story of Opencreators with auto build plates changer.  We can bet our bottom dollar that It would be a unique idea and It can change makers and engineers’ weekend life.
As the hardware startup guys may know, Minhyuck’s the last two years were overwhelmed by the ‘entrepreneur spirit’. when They contacted Big Capsule. It wasn’t the long time to make a decision for reuniting and We would be honored to become a part to uncover the mysterious to the global market and walking together with their crowdfunding campaign.



Opencreators has over 40,000 community members around Asia. the community is a non-traditional co-developing community which Opencreators has managed the open atmosphere in the individuals’ know-how, mutual respect, and the social nature of the exchange. It works like this…


He founded Opencreators with his Co-founder. After He has fallen in love with Rep-rap based open source 3d printer over 6 years ago. He didn’t turn his brain, mind, and heart from right to left. just has dug into the one dot, 3D printing technology.


2014 Red dot design award winner | 2014 IF design award winner | 2015 Blue ribbon @ world maker Fair

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First step into 3D Printer

What We do: Pitching Preparation | Fundraising | Video Production | Testimonial Event planning & Execution | Promotion & Collaboration with New York-based tech jewelry startup

First step into 3D Printer

What We do: Product Concept design | Marketing Strategy | Copywriting: Take off design | Video Producing 

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