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Do you have a clear and provable method of measuring the different processes you use to manage and lead your business?  Do you know how much your small business is worth?    Do you know for a fact where you need to put your money and efforts to grow your business; or are you deciding on instinct or gut?  One of the best ways to answer those questions, and then actually do something with the information to improve your small business, is to obtain a Business Diagnostic and Valuation Report.

A Business Diagnostic and Valuation is a key and starting point for any business owner and especially, Entrepreneurs without border and is crucial to long-term planning.  It is simply a way to measure the business’ value on a given day while showing the business’ ability to produce economic benefits for its owners, as well as showing the risk of owning the business.  It should give the owner a clear picture of the present state of their business and what they need to focus on to improve the business’ long-term outlook.


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7 Days

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Email Communication 3 times + 1-hour conference call

  • Global Business design
  • Audit process
  • What to do Cross-border business

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Junhwan P. (Paul) Kang

BigCapsule helps the cross-border project of entrepreneurs with the holistic support of immigrants, women around the globe.

Junhwan Paul Kang has worked to help multinational companies as the Co-founder & C.E.O of the innovation company and business community builder for over 10 years in Seoul, South Korea. Since moving to New York, His company launched BigCaspule to help startups, Enterprise and Government agencies in the cross-border business sector.

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  • Consulting and Coaching
  • English, Korean

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