Cultural Collision Name Check up Capsule


Checking up the potential conflict of the name would be the first step of Concept and starting all things. Diagnostics service to make the borderless entrepreneurship.


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Checking up the potential conflict of the name would be the first step of Concept and starting all things. Diagnostics service to make the borderless entrepreneurship.

Super problem

International entrepreneurs have the limitation to face the diversity when They started the business in a couple of statuses.

  • Make the name of the company
  • Developing brand
  • Preparing marketing for the new product in the cross-border market.
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Check up your name would be the first step to build the global brand and not to waste your visible and invisible cost

The name conflicted with the culture of which the companies wanted to break into the market cause huge invisible and visible cost to change the name, logo, tagline, packaging, marketing asset, social media contents and all communication cost.

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Provide overall statement regarding plan, cultural difference, and diversity based on perspective garnered through survey,  professional review , and the immigrants interviews.

Our professional naming research only takes 3 business days for 100 responses. Complex surveys or additional responses might require additional time

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What points do we handle in the cultural collision check up capsule?

Added Languages | Religious Preferences | Discrimination | Different Accents

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Avoid costly future effects in

global pre-marketing

Simple consumer research

Emotional intelligence readiness regarding diversity

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Create jobs for immigrants

Another English educational methodology

Contribute financial support to NGOs, Public Libraries and Immigration Centers

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Information graphics

Review by professional


Bonus : 1,000 Tagline Candidates

Basic Version


You can choose two additional options

  1. Additional languages
  2. Religious Preferences
  3. Discrimination

Customized thing to Enterprise company

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