First 3D Printer In Your Life


1. Concept: The First 3D Printer to Anywhere

2. The first campaign in New York

Date: 10.10.2015

3. Process

We gathered 11 people with the various background, Job and


Interviewed and filmed people who never seen 3D printer

individually 3D Printer.

After showing how 3D Printer was working for the first time,

recorded their reactions.

After the recording, Filmed the people’s response in the


Step into 3D Printer in your life

1. Sivan Arbel | Jazz singer | Israel

2. Brian Hagan | Business Developer | U.S

3. Caroline R. Cullere | Startup | France

4. Sophie Cazalas | lawyer | France

5. Ricardo Setka | The Ottinger Firm | U.S

6. Svetlana Tikhonova | Energy | Russia

7. Stephanie | CFO Jazz Agency | U.S

8. Adriana Fajardo Montes | Dancer | Colombia

9. Ahmad Reza | Engineer | Iran

10. Selena Gonzalez | Student | U.S

11. Chars Cheddar

| Saxophone Manufacture | Israel

First 3D Printer | Shooting order

1.First Question: First Impression before Seeing 3D Printer

2. Can you imagine what change this 3d printer makes in your

personal Life?

* Answer: English and First Language at once

* Around 1 minute ~ 1:30 minute

3. Activity

– Show the first response to 3D printer in the closed space

Recorded the first response with Webcam and fixed cam on the


4. Second Question: How did you feel when you saw 3D printer

was working directly?

– Use the clips on Social media

Start Time

8:00 am

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Finish Time

5:00 pm

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


NewYork, USA

Event Participants

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